Mariposa Ball – Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update


I know everyone has been waiting for us to make an announcement about the Mariposa Ball and Mariposa Awards. We have been carefully watching all the advice surrounding Coronavirus that has been issued. We didn’t want to act out of haste or out of panic, so we have been speaking to many experts to ensure the right decision is made.

Following extensive talks with the Landmark hotel (who are currently trying to move all events to alternative dates), we have made the executive (but hard) decision to move the ball to a new date. The following reasons are at the heart of this decision.

  1. We want to protect all of the guests, performers and our team. Even though the current advice has not been to cancel all large-scale events, it is being encouraged, if an event can be moved, as social distancing has been shown to help delay the onset of the virus in other countries.
  2. A significant number of our guests are frontline NHS staff – We want to help the NHS and not cause further issues by encouraging staff leave, or by risking them coming into contact with the virus. In addition, NHS staff being called up to support care in their NHS Trusts could potentially leave 1/3 of tables empty.
  3. Due to the new advice being to self-quarantine for 7 days if any person has a temperature or a new cough, we want to help people to be able to do this, without fear of missing out on this landmark event. We are also aware that the entertainers who are performing at the event may have needed to drop out of the event should they develop a fever or cough, which would mean we couldn’t offer our guests the first-class event they are expecting.
  4. The government are reviewing their advice daily, and we don’t want to get to the week of the event, and be told to cancel, which would have a substantial financial cost to the charity and its guests.

The new date of the event is Saturday 13th March 2021, we hope by this date the virus will be passed the peak.

All tickets purchased will be immediately transferred to the new date.

Thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Zoe & Andy and Team SG
The Mariposa Trust