The Charity

'because every baby matters'

When Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates suffered the loss of 5 babies, they knew that they needed to help others who went through the same trauma and grief associated with baby loss, so launched the organisation Saying Goodbye in August 2012.

An estimated 250,000 babies are lost each year in the UK through miscarriage, and around 7,000 through still birth and in infancy, so the scale of the problem was easy to see. In the US, 1,000,000 are lost through miscarriage & an estimated 30,000,000 globally.

In March 2013, the Mariposa Trust was formed as a charity and Saying Goodbye became a division of it. Since the Trusts launch, it has expanded exponentially, and the charity has systematically developed new divisions and services to support and help tens of thousands of people. This has in turn led to expansion into North America & SG Australia will be launching soon.

divisions and projects

The charity has a number of support divisions, as well as major fundraising projects that are run both nationally and internationally. These include:

The charities work is focused on care and support, and all fundraising activities from skydives to the Mariposa Balls, are to facilitate that happening in a targeted and beneficial way.

key history

08/12 -
Saying Goodbye (SG) officially launches and holds the first SG service for 2012
Offically becomes registered charity and the first of 18 UK SG services for 2013 takes place
04/16 -
Charity hosts reception with Samantha Cameron at No 10 Downing St
11/17 -
Charity holds 100th service in Westminster
04/18 -
Charity holds its 5th Mariposa Ball at the Savoy, and launches the Mariposa Awards


Its Always About The One

Click here to see the new film premiered at the Mariposa Ball 2016 - Video

saying goodbye film

A short film exploring baby loss, and the reason for the charities work - Video
supporting the charity

today in the UK, nearly 700 babies will be miscaried or stillborn. The Mariposa Trust is working tirelessly to support the parents and families affected by this....will you be part of making a difference? Get Involved or Donate